Message From Chairman CEO



The trend for residential and commercial developments, both globally and in Oman, is that the consumer has increasingly become motivated by a total solution offered by a developer. The best-in-class developments within Muscat incorporate features which focus on modern and spacious living within an integrated community, and in essence these properties are developed as community destinations. This means a focus beyond just the house or apartment itself as the prospective buyer attaches a much greater importance on the added amenities and social benefits provided within a new development. Similarly for business owners the location and the facilities make a drastic impact.

As a true partner in the social and economic growth of Muscat, AQAR’S strong strategy to meet these demands has served to establish the group as leaders within the property development field. Landmark projects offering real value and meeting the demands of a rapidly changing real estate market have served to underline the group’s success.

Capitalizing on this knowledge, AQAR has proved itself time and time again to be the ‘intelligent investor’s developer’ by leveraging its premium real estate assets and identifying strategic locations. AQAR has again and again become a catalyst for innovative, fully integrated communities. What has long set us apart is our commitment to innovation and an innate ability to tap into the needs and aspirations of our clients, offering the highest value and return on their properties.